Space saving - With a shaft size of 0.6m2 the builder isn't required to build a 1.5m2 cross sectional free area ADB Shaft for a natural shaft. This reduces the space taken up by the smoke control system.

Pressure switches - We install pressure switches above ceilings with a small tube in both the stairs and lobby to ensure a pressure difference of no more than 50 Pascal's is achieved. This ensures the doors that lead into the stairs aren't too difficult to open and don't require more than 100N opening force.

A range of stairwell vents - As the source of our fresh air to our systems, we have a range of louvred, aluminium and polycarbonate stairwell ventilators to suit any application both to achieve the 1sq m or 1.5 for fire fighting stairs.

Category A Weathered Louvre

Stack and Cross ventilation

Combined cross stacked ventilation

in an atrium

Single-sided and cross ventilation

Typical system for Educational facilities:

We typically use low level inlets to bring in cool air and use high level outlets to vent the heat. This stack effect is proven to be effective as using warm air to create a flow across a room is both free and eco-friendly.

Low level inlets generally consist of an insulated damper sandwiched between an acoustic/weather louvre and a decorative internal grille, by operating and modulating the damper, it allows the required amount of cooling to be put to use.

The high level outlet is typically a window operable by a keypad which in turn operates a chain drive fixed to the window to open it. Other options include a louvred turret mounted on the roof to duct the air up and out. The benefit of turrets is they can serve more than one classroom 

Innovative Thinking

Our design engineers are familiar with all aspects of natural roof ventilation and the need to effectively control them.

Susceptibility to the elements and external influences such as noise can lead to additional features being integrated into the system such as :

Wind directional devices

External rain/light sensors

Sensors are all common external devices that need to be integrated into a successful control philosophy.

Whilst a natural ventilation system is to a great degree self modulating (the hotter it gets the more the natural ventilation system will work to bring the temperature down

Shaft Ventilation

High Efficiency Internal Grill

Thermally efficient high seal Modulating Damper

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